Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Change is relative. Change is what you are made to believe must be different. You cannot make change happen by yourself. Can change also just mean evolve? I never think that we change. I think we just simply evolve.We are not born into the people we are today. We are who we are today because of a decision you made before, and that decision you made , was influenced by someone else's decision, and their decision was also influenced. So you see, its all predetermined. nothing is actually yours, nothing that you think you changed was truly done by you. It is the conglomeration of many CIRCUMSTANCES that were presented before you, and yours, and theirs- before that.Circumstances have determined everything in your life. You only feel the need to get moving if there is a force, or a purpose in your cause- TO GET UP IN THE MORNING. Free will, does not exist. If we all had free will , then we would be complete products of our nature -and our nature was not determined by us either. Nothing would propel us to move. Do we make our own decisions? Or is it someone else that did for us? Our belief system that was the rise and fall of who we are today? It is our environment that is the cause and effect of the world around us. It moves you. People move you.Without each other, -You, Me, who are we?And those are my random thoughts/rants on change.Bless,hopefully

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