Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tq to all my frend..

hey guys...im so bz like hell dis week..tak sempat nak post paper pon even byk benda yg patot aku pos..heee...anyway thank you to everyone who read and commented on my BLOG I cannot begin to tell you how helpful it has been for me to journal my mourning process on this blog. Not only has it helped me to work through and understand my own feelings, you have all rallied around me and created an endlessly supportive and loving community; when I don't feel comfortable sharing my sadness and grief with the people in my daily life, I turn to you guys to vent and disclose. I heed your advice, and gain strength from your encouragement.Thank you for letting me share my range of emotions on wat ever matter, It wasn't these friendships that caused me to start blogging. It was my love of writing, and a sense that having a blog, would force me to write everyday. It hasn't. I skip plenty of days. But what I never skip is checking in on all of you. Reading your thoughts. Wanting to be there for you and give you virtual hugs in your times of need, and feeling excited for and giddy with you during your happiest moments.
i want to say thank you for helping me through my difficult times. The support and solace I've gained from you continues to help me in ways you'll never know. And the love and prayers I received during my health scare had just as much to do with making me well as the healing properties of medicine and time. And my joys mean more to me because you are there experiencing them with me. We've become like family, and I love that. And I look so forward to continuing to build these bonds that have become so important to me.So, no, it wasn't these friendships that caused me to start blogging -- as I said before, when I began this journal I didn't have any idea the scope and depth of the relationships and connections forged in the blogosphere -- but now, they are most certainly one of the main reasons I continue.
lots of love

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