Saturday, November 29, 2008

cuma nak perkenalkan jerk..heee

saper yg hujung sana tuh..
nih dia location sape nak beli lembu or kambing ngan amer..

ahli club delimedina

mereka from CAC

saper kah ini??

MerMotto Productions, an Artiste Management acting as a consultant to ready & upcoming artistes, & also event organisers. Established in 2006, MerMotto Productions aims to create a market trend & innovate high quality services. MerMotto Productions provides a comprehensive range of entertainment services; Music & TV Production, Artiste & Event Management, Creative works, Merchandising and also Sales, Distribution & Marketing of products.


What do you do when you are hungry and are asking for a savoury snack that goes with a cup of tea? Well, for more than 50 years ago, one answer was to grab deep fried golden brown pastry pouches filled with curried potatoes called curry puff. Some say that curry puff was inspired by the Indian Samosa, others say it was inspired by English Cornish Pastries. Whatever inspired their creation, they unequivocally inspired 'DeliMedina!'

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